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Plans, Schedules, and Self-Inflicted Chaos

Let’s face it: some like to plan, some don't, and plans don't always work out. Not me! I’m an experienced planner, process-oriented and obedient to the plan. Ha! Well, most of the time. Okay, SOME of the time. Sigh.I love the sounds deadlines make, as they go

Exploring Reddit essays

Welcome to my weekly newsletter about practical ways to make the Internet better, focused on my own work in that space. I'm Jacob O'Bryant. Quick announcement: after four years of entrepreneurship, I've finally decided it's time to rejoin the land of the employed. See my resume if your workplace nee...

The Axial Age: When the greatest minds walked the Earth

There are special moments in history when the world throws up a torrent of genius. Consider how, in a single century, the world saw Descartes, Leibniz, and Newton, not to mention Shakespeare, Milton, and Bach. Or consider how, in one generation, someone could hypothetically have met Bismarck, Queen ...

Five questions

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be heading to Bristol for Pixel Pioneers. The line-up looks really, really good …with the glaring exception of the opening talk, which I’ll be delivering. But once that’s done, I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the rest of the day’s talks. There are still tick...

What Stands the Test of Time

Back in 1988, the shoe company, Nike debuted what is probably the greatest advertising tagline of the last 40 years, “Just Do It.” It’s still … The post What Stands the Test of Time appeared first on Gapingvoid.

Chris Roelli’s Cheddar Has the Blues—But That's a *Very* Good Thing

We've teamed up with Wisconsin Cheese for an interview mini-series called Meet the Cheesemakers, featuring a sampling of the state’s finest makers and their award-winning creations. Each type of cheese has a unique history, some lengthier than others, and many with layers of folklore woven in for g...

Inspiration and planning for the next chapter — of life and writing

By Jacqui Banaszynski ast week life brought me one of those full-circle gifts. I’m hosting my friend Cristian Lupsa for a few days in Seattle and at the mountain cabin. I met Cristian when he was a masters student at the Missouri School of Journalism. I later worked with him for more than a decade [...

The Rebirth of Sanity – (Understanding our Freakouts and Why)

Introduction: There were a few months in the summer of 06 in which I had to redefine myself. I had to come to grips with certain choices that I made, which as a result of a trade, I found myself in uncharted territory. First, I had to strip myself down from all that I had, […]

Episode 663 | 5 Insights SaaS Founders Should Know About A.I. (Ignore at Your Peril)

In episode 663, Rob Walling and Einar Vollset share five insights SaaS founders should know about the state of AI. They offer a unique perspective by sharing a mental model around the four categories of AI and how to use this to think about the impact on your business. Topics we cover: 2:08 – Einar’...