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Half past my bedtime

Somehow it’s almost 1am on Friday night (or should that be Saturday morning?). Where does the time go? I’m struggling to cast my mind back over the last few days – to find anything of interest. Life has been a bit like that recently – dragging myself from one day to the next, and not… Continue readi...

Why You Should Hit Delete More Often

This thought came from an interview with Author, Amor Towles, about his book, “A Gentleman in Moscow” on the EconTalk podcast, episode #856.  There’s an … The post Why You Should Hit Delete More Often appeared first on Gapingvoid.


The longer I’ve gone without writing a new entry, the more I question the value of this place. I’ve been spending more and more of my time in my notebooks, and in many ways, they have replaced what this website used to be, as a place to explore myself, my life, and my role in this world. I enjoy mys...

Post #2 on The Lords of Easy Money (inflation and the Federal Reserve)

With April Fools’ Day coming up, a look at the second half of The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy (2022) by Christopher Leonard… (the first post: A book about the Federal Reserve and inflation) The book covers the pointless nature of the Fed’s hyperinflation ...

Filtered for clocks

1. At Schiphol Airport there is a clock that has a man standing in it. He’s cleaning the clock face from inside. It’s a bit fuzzy but you can see him. Each minute, he erases the minute hand and redraws it at its new position. Photos here. The clock is part of a series by artist Martin Baas called Re...

Keeping an eye on competition: TikTok vs. Instagram case study

TikTok first launched in 2017 and Instagram released a reels component to mimic it in 2020. The TikTok vs. Instagram war began. The post Keeping an eye on competition: TikTok vs. Instagram case study appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

Memories From The Balcony – The Ability to just . . . Walk Away

Sometimes, you have to be lost to get found. Or maybe you’ll never know about what’s missing until one day, you find something in this world. You see something that you can’t live without. And maybe this happens all the time or; perhaps this only only happens once in a while. Or, maybe this only […]