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Log Off: Why Posting And Politics (Almost) Never Mix

'There are positive possibilities for what the internet can look like if we get over the myth of social media’s indispensability' The post Log Off: Why Posting And Politics (Almost) Never Mix appeared first on Aftermath.

A beginner’s guide to sociopolitical collapse

A society does not ever die ‘from natural causes,’ but always dies from suicide or murder—and nearly always from the former.” — D. C. Somervell. 1 À propos of nothing, I have found myself wondering recently what it would be like to live through a collapse. Would I see it coming? What would be the si...

The Book of Hope: Somebody Somewhere

When the light comes in and the day breaks after a long night, there is this entire justification of being wild enough to dance in the City and to enjoy the pleasant mayhems of being young and crazy. This was us,once . . . Ah, I miss the aftermaths of long nights and the sunrise […]

The gift of a three-month sabbatical

It was late winter when my sabbatical began, and it’s late spring as it comes to an end. Next week I return to my post after three months’ paid leave, courtesy of Automattic’s sabbatical benefit. Three months. A season. With full pay, and zero work responsibilities. In a job full of rewards, this is...

Remembering Alice Munro

Sterling HolyWhiteMountain and others at The Paris Review: I reread “Family Furnishings” this morning because it is one of my favorite stories and because I will be discussing it soon with my students and because Alice Munro, possibly the greatest short-story writer there ever was and certainly the ...

When the Past Finally Catches Up With You…in a Thriller

Dear Mom: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the bad things I did in high school when you thought I was studying. A scorching trope in thrillers is someone doing something in the past that catches up to them as an adult. Why is this so popular? Because most of us were easily able to […]

In the beginning… was the command line

Neal Stephenson’s In the Beginning… Was the Command Line is one of the most profound pieces of writing about technology I’ve read. I found myself underscoring and highlighting numerous passages in this essay that reads equally as much like political propaganda, memoir, novella, and journalistic repo...

Remembering Memorial Day ~ and the sparks of fresh stories

By Jacqui Banaszynski t’s Memorial Day in these dis-United States. The news won’t take a holiday. There are too many active war zones, notably in Ukraine and Gaza; the armed conflicts that persist in a number of countries the Middle East and Africa; drug and gang wars in Latin America and Haiti; the...