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End of Exploitation?

by Marie Snyder In the West, it feels like we have never lived outside of a system of pseudo-feudalism, a time without peasantry, slavery, or the working poor labouring for the benefit of Kings, land barons, or factory owners. For thousands of years, the exploitation of people appeared necessary to ...

Work has picked up

Some notes from the last week, and some links to internetty things. This is the sort of stuff you subscribed to the RSS for, I'd imagine. But then I like to think I'm quite imaginative.

one-year covid anniversary reflections

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the day I tested positive for covid for the first time. All things considered I thought I had done well to avoid it for three years...

Conservation, Inflation, and Boeing

鈥溾楾his Will Finish Us.鈥欌 I finished reading Wendell Berry鈥檚 Unsettling of America this week with a group of students, so this heartbreaking essay by Stephanie McCrummen about how the Tanzanian government, oil money from the Gulf states, and 鈥渃onservationists鈥 are evicting Maasai from their homelands...

The Book of Chas: Love and Imperfections

Are you ready for a little bit of honesty . . .I am as imperfect as anyone else in this world.I鈥檓 crazy too,or mad as any madman. or worseI am equally as desperate and afraid that yes, somehow, I missed my ride, and now, I鈥檒l miss the show or I鈥檒l miss my chanceto see the [鈥

One Focus At A Time

Over the last few months, it has been challenging to balance my interests and focus. Indeed, I have wasted a lot of time moving things around and messing with my websites, but along with this I have found it difficult to do more than one 鈥榯hing鈥 at a time. There鈥檚 something to be said about putting ...

101 Additional Advices

Six years ago I celebrated my 68th birthday by gifting my children 68 bits of advice I wished I had gotten when I was their age. Every birthday after that I added more bits of advice for them until I 鈥 Continue reading 鈫

Farewell, Prague: How I Had to Leave the City of Inspiration to Write My Spy Novel

Prague in the 1990s was a magical place. Communism had fallen, a seat at the opera cost a few bucks, the city鈥檚 magnificence had yet to be sullied by hordes of tourists or chain restaurants. Playwright and former dissident V谩clav Havel was at the helm, transforming and privatizing and chain-smoking....

Making microbots smart

In the not-so-distant future, the surgeons who treat our ailments might be tiny machines that swim through our bodies, tracking down cancerous tumors or clearing clots from even the smallest arteries. If this sounds like science fiction, you鈥檙e not wrong: Movies like Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace ...