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The Later Years of Douglas Adams

If God exists, he must have a sense of humor, for why else would he have strewn so many practical jokes around his creation? Among them is the uncanny phenomenon of the talented writer who absolutely hates to write. Mind you, I don’t mean just the usual challenges which afflict all of us architects ...

What Now? – Final Thought

I have spent years this way. I have been on a search. I’ve been looking and waiting and wondering or hoping that if at all, one day, I would find my way.I’ve often looked around and wondered how challenges to me seemed so simple to other people. Is it me?Have I done something wrong?Was I […]

We Smashed Up the World: On Noam Chomsky

by Marie Snyder Noam Chomsky was rumoured to have left us almost a month ago, but he always told us not to trust the media! It appears he’s still alive at time of writing, and recovering at home from a stroke. Both The New Statesman and Jacoben published obituaries. Yanis Varoufakis claims his artic...

From Culture Warriors to Agrarians

Can the rest of us afford such inaction? Yes—and that’s the point. For the travesty of modernity is its constant demand—from left or right—for action, control, and efficiency. But the first step into an agrarian attitude is to step back from such demands.

Ask Ethan: Does time exist, or is it an illusion?

One of the most important aspects of physics, or of any science in general, is to always muster up the greatest challenge to the leading physical theories you can. You can challenge prior results, you can challenge the methods used to obtain them, you can concoct new tests in new regimes of potentia...

What happened to blogs, again?

I recently read a piece about the death of authentic writing on the internet, and it made me reconsider my own writing habits. Here’s why I stopped writing openly and regularly, and how I hope to fix that.… Continue reading What happened to blogs, again? →

Lessons learned in 35 years of making software – Jim Grey

Number one: Do things in the most straightforward way possible. It’s easy to fall into the trap of clever solutions, or clever applications of technology, or overbuilding something because you’re anticipating the future. Don’t do it. You will hate yourself for it later when you have to maintain it...

How Much is “Good Enough”?

How much exercise is "enough" to stay healthy? What about investing in diet, productivity or relationships? I explain why we often answer these questions badly. The post How Much is “Good Enough”? appeared first on Scott H Young.