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Prose from the Bucket List – Preface

It would only seem fair that since this is the start of a new journey for me, then it would only make sense to start this with a new journal as well. The journal before this was personal. I admit this is true.Then again, anything written from the heart or anything which is true to […]

I Forgot I Nearly Died

Weird Synchronicities. This week I forgot I nearly died and then found myself at The War Inside, a play about that exact moment in my life. The post I Forgot I Nearly Died appeared first on thejaymo.

I think responsible use means dialing up the ratio of creation to consumption for me, too. If I’m to convey that it’s better to be an active part of shaping the world than just being a passive consumer of it, that’s what I have to do. This is true in all things — a core,…


Pangea’s Second Coming Won’t Be Chill

Today’s mammals would not survive the heat of Earth’s next supercontinent. But in evolution, there’s hope. The post Pangea’s Second Coming Won’t Be Chill appeared first on Nautilus.

The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer was written by Homer

I’ve been reading a kid’s cut of the Greek myths to my kid, who is almost 5. We’ve read it a few times over the last year. The same stories were my favourites growing up, so. We had a conversation yesterday about the island of the lotus-eaters in the Odyssey. Imagine an ice cream which tastes so gre...

I’m Your Three-Year-Old Interior Designer and This Is Your New Home Makeover

So, what do you think? Never in your wildest dreams, right? It’s hard to know where to begin, because the house is almost unrecognizable, but let me show you around. You won’t believe what I’ve done to the place. I really wanted the living room to come alive, so I reimagined this couch as a precario...

Talking Large Language Models with Rooftop Ruby

I’m on the latest episode of the Rooftop Ruby podcast with Collin Donnell and Joel Drapper, talking all things LLM. Here’s a full transcript of the episode, which I generated …

How to succeed and find meaning in a “post-career” world

A struggling actor turned on-set intimacy coordinator. A CEO who quit to fight climate change as a consultant and politician. An Army sergeant who became a painter, an accountant who became a small-business owner, and a theoretical physicist who became an aloof ninja in a comedic rock band. (Yes, re...