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What Do You Know (You’re Just a Kid) Ch 20

And when things go wrong, I get it. It may seem like things will be this way forever but remember – forever is a really long time.So breathe –And I know that sucks. I know that I hated it when people would tell me this. Breathe. Really? Is that all you got?Just breathe?I am breathing. […]

A first-time war correspondent finds human stories in a devastated Ukraine

By Kim Cross izzie Johnson was a young reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle in 2018, covering local and state politics, when the deadliest wildfires in California swept through the region, all but destroying the small town of Paradise. Johnson raised her hand to go, soon turning wildfire coverage...

Wednesday 21 February, 2024

After Vermeer Quote of the Day ”Everything will be all right, and, even if it isn’t, we’ll have the consolation of having lived honest lives.” Alexei Navalny (h/t John Seeley) Musical alternative to the morning’s radio news Chris McMullan | … Continue reading →

Kazuma Kiryu’s Long Goodbye

How does a series move on from the character that defined it? The post Kazuma Kiryu’s Long Goodbye appeared first on Aftermath.

Sora, Groq, and Virtual Reality

OpenAI's new video model and a new chip for Groq are important developments in not just AI but also virtual reality.

Priceless barn find: World's first microcomputers discovered by cleaners

Two of the first-ever desktop computers have been found in storage boxes at Kingston University in London. A milestone in human achievement, the Q1 microprocessor computer was released more than half a century ago, and only one other is known to exist.Continue ReadingCategory: Computers, TechnologyT...