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Where Interests Take You

I've been thinking about how the longer I go from spending time on social media, the more wide open my media diet is becoming. The post Where Interests Take You appeared first on thejaymo.

Nextcloud News Stopped Syncing My Feeds

I subscribe to various RSS feeds using Nextcloud News. It makes them easily accessible on my phone whilst ensuring that things will be marked read if I instead read the feed on my desktop (that's not to say that it's perfect, though: as I've written previously, I also use fediverse notifications to ...

Platypub: back to square one

It's been almost two years since I made the first release of Platypub, my own little blogging/newsletter platform. I wanted something that gave me 100% control over the design and structure: "themes" in Platypub are actual programs, not just collections of template files. I also wanted Platypub to b...

Speaking Freely: Lynn Hamadallah

Lynn Hamadallah is a Syrian-Palestinian-French Psychologist based in London. An outspoken voice for the Palestinian cause, Lynn is interested in the ways in which narratives, spoken and unspoken, shape identity. Having lived in five countries and spent a lot of time traveling, she takes a global per...

MKBHDs For Everything

Marques Brownlee has tremendous power because he can go direct to consumers; that is possible in media, and AI will make it possible everywhere.

My Editor Is Between a Tiny Textbox and a CMS

In reply to It is bigger than a tiny little textbox by Dave Winer What is biggger than a tiny little textbox, like the ones we get on social platforms, and a full blown CMS, like the editing back-end of my WordPress site? Asks Dave Winer. My current answer to that is: where I’m writing […]

Scratch Pad: NY(C), Diploma, Block

I do this manually at the end of each week: collating (and sometimes lightly editing) most of the recent little comments I’ve made on social media, which I think of as my public scratch pad. Some end up on earlier, sometimes in expanded form. These days I mostly hang out on Mastodon (at...

No more separated Homepage and Blog

It’s been just a few months following the previous redesign, but I must admit I wasn’t satisfied. So I needed to remodel a little this blog. And another question I’ve asked to myself was : why having a dedicated blog URL actually and a homepage that was just an aggregate ? The basic idea behind the ...

On Writing and Getting Readers – 3 Threads

This is a reader supported site. To get access to my book notes and extra content become a member Write to Figure Things Out While I’d love to be a full-time writer I don’t sweat the details too much. For me writing is about figuring out what I think. The long piece I wrote last […]

Echofeed Is Here


Today, Robb Knight launched his RSS-to-Mastodon service, Echofeed. It allows you to share entries from virtually any RSS feed to Mastodon,, and several more services (with more to come). I've already started using it to send my starred posts from Feedbin to my Mastodon account, this blog'...

TIL: Cognitohazards

TIL: Cognitohazards Could social media posts be actively damaging to our mental health? – literally, not just figuratively? That's the premise of a TechScape article in The Guardian, that draws on both science fiction and psychological research. In Neal Stephenson's "Snow crash" there is a plot devi...

P&B: Tracy Durnell

This is the 33rd edition of People and Blogs, the series where I ask interesting people to talk about themselves and their blogs. Today we have Tracy Durnell and her blog, To follow this series subscribe to the newsletter. A new interview will land in your inbox every Friday. Not a ...