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Boox Device

Work in progress Place to share my current notes on the Boox Note Air 3C Software Logseq One of the main reasons why I wanted an android enabled device, it works but due to bugs like missing the toolbar it鈥檚 mostly for adding stuff to my journal and syncing it back to my Desktop for processing there...

Logseq Goes The Database Route

Bookmarked Why te database version and how it鈥檚 going (by Tienson Qin) Long time blog buddy J枚rg Kantel, aka der Schockwellenreiter, points to the discussion above, on how Logseq is moving away from running on top of you file system towards a database tool. I understand how that may help solve the i...

This book from 1908 by J. Kaiser seems like a fantastic instruction manual for how to use Obsidian, Logseq, Notion, Evernote, OneNote, and most other note taking tools for just about any application.


Logseq, a company I thought so much of I invested, had a blog but hasn't updated since August last year. How does such a young entrepreneurial excellent company keep in touch with their users and friends?


Annotating Podcasts and MP3 files using Logseq

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash A while ago I posted how to annotate epub using Logseq. This time I'll show you, how to annotate Podcasts or more generic, MP3 files - using Linux. First of all we need to create a .mp3 file from a Podcast. I'm using the Podcasts browser extension (available for Firef...

Default Apps for 2023

I came across this collection of 鈥渨hat apps am I using?鈥 posts via Manton, and thought it would be fun take part. If you want to see what others have posted, Robb Knight is compiling a list. 📨 Mail Client: Apple Mail + web 📮 Mail Server: Fastmail 📝 Notes: Obsidian (also tryin...

PKM Weekly August 20 2023 鈥 Issue 084

This week we鈥檙e going to try something different for PKM Weekly. Over the last few months I鈥檝e seen a big change in the content available for many tools. I鈥檝e been able to find content for Obsidian easily, and logseq sometimes. Most other note tools I鈥檓 not finding much about. So, this week, and pro...


Want to help me make the best content? I love making Logseq and Productivity content and want to make more, but it requires help. Join me on my journey! Monthly office hours for patrons only View my scripts as I write them and provide feedback Your name on my Patron wall at the end of the video Vote...

Logseq Project Management

Journal as source To maximize organization and efficiency, I maintain my journal as a single source of truth for note-taking. After jotting down notes, I use block embeds and updates to these blocks to refine them into well-structured notes, categorizing them into topics, projects, and other relevan...

Logseq for professionals

Login Page If you鈥檙e already part of the Logseq for Professionals Squad, then get full access using your license key here Enter your license key: Submit

Logseq for professionals

If you鈥檙e already part of the Logseq for Professionals Squad, go to the Login Page Creating notes with no results? Can鈥檛 find the meeting notes you made? Need that one email? We waste an incredible amount of time trying to find things and in business, time is money. Or worse, another meeting to alig...

Logseq Quickstart Template

Thanks for downloading my Logseq Quickstart Template Latest version You can always see the latest version or provide feedback and/or updates on github https://github.com/bgrolleman/logseq_template Install Make backup of your graph Fetch the latest release from Github Open zip file Copy into Logseq G...

How I use macros in Logseq for Jira / Azure Devops

Fix using inline I love using macro鈥檚 for links towards Azure Devops and Jira, but hit issues that I no longer could use them inline. Luckily a bug is already reported #8623 Adding this bit of CSS allows me to keep using the macro鈥檚 as I鈥檓 used to 1div.macro { display: inline-block; } My Macro for J...

My New Apps for 2023 - April-23

A review of the apps in my arsenal after 4 months. Logseq, Anki and Zotero remain, but there has been one addition and one change.

Elixir syntax highlighting for Logseq

I'm journaling my Elixir learnings in Logseq. Until today I've accepted the fact that LogSeq doesn't support Elixir syntax highlighting. But today I came across the "Extensions plus" plugin for Logseq, which - besides some other features - adds syntax highlighting for Elixir: Make sure to restart L...

Annotating and highlighting epub using Logseq

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash When possible, I'm trying to read books in epub format or as printed books. Most of my notes and journals live in Logseq. So I was asking myself: "How could I bring my ebook highlights and notes to Logseq?" While it isn't possible right now to load epub files into...

Using Logseq, Otter.AI and ChatGPT to Write blog post

Writing has never been my strong suit. While math was the easy thing for me growing up, trying to write anything was hard to say the least. My Dutch lessons where always a chore and this is also why I always struggled with making blog posts or writing newsletters. However, my workflow changed signif...

Journal-Based Note taking

As a Devops engineer with over a decade of experience in Linux enterprise operations and professional scrum master, I鈥檓 always on the lookout for new ways to improve my productivity. One tool that has聽revolutionized the way I work is Logseq, a journal-based note-taking app that has transformed the w...

I'm printing out websites - you might want to do it, too

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash I'm printing out websites on purpose. This may sound like an April Fool's joke, but I'm serious. But I don't print them on paper, I print them as PDF files for the following reasons: I'm using Logseq as a "second brain". Logseq comes with a ton of useful features a...

Logseq - A Powerful Tool for Thought.


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